How to Protect Your Patio Furniture From the Sun

We love the sun, but the sun doesn’t always love us back. It burns our skin, melts our ice cream, and turns car seats into infernos. Unfortunately for homeowners, there’s one more way that the sun wreaks havoc: to our furniture.

It’s unfortunate, but it’s true – the sun will slowly cause most outdoor furniture’s quality and appearance to deteriorate over time. You chose furniture that looked great for your yard, so you’d be disappointed to see its quality fade, but it sadly happens.

Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to preserve the quality of furniture for as long as possible without sacrificing your enjoyment. Not sure where to start? Read below, and we’ll help you keep your furniture long-lasting.

How the Sun Can Damage Your Outdoor Furniture and Accessories

The sun shoots invisible ultraviolet (UV) rays back down to the ground. These rays can slowly cause the materials used for your furniture to wear out over time. It’s worth noting that this damage might take years to become visible – in fact, it could happen so slowly that you don’t even notice a change has occurred, but compare your old outdoor furniture to new pieces and you’ll see the difference.

Specifically, this is what you can expect:


The most common effect you’ll see from the sun is that your furniture’s material will fade. That means that upon extended periods of outdoor use, your furniture’s colours will be less vibrant and consistent, turning into a pale, blotchy colour.


This issue is less common than fading, but many homeowners still report this happening. Sometimes, furniture with sensitive materials tends to melt upon sitting in the sun. This tends to happen with cheaper materials like plastic, but even higher-end fabrics can fall apart under certain circumstances.

Wood Discolouration

Wood-based furniture is particularly susceptible to sun damage, and most times, the colour will wear off. A lot of times, this happens because the dye or paint used is sensitive towards heat and similar types of damage.

Best Ways to Protect Your Furniture Against UV Rays

You’ve read about the damage that the sun can cause to furniture, and you might have even seen it for yourself. Thankfully, there are preventative steps you can take to keep your furniture looking great. Take the steps we’ve suggested below.

Use UV Protection Tools

One of the easiest ways to support your outdoor furniture is by applying one of the waxes, oils or sprays available for furniture. You can find these tools at department stores, furniture stores, and even large grocery stores.

Essentially, these tools act like sunscreen for your furniture. Most of these tools are made explicitly for wood furniture, but you may be able to find tools designed to support other materials. Carefully follow the instructions written on the packaging of these products.

Get a Cantilever Umbrella

Keeping your furniture in the shade will keep it out the line of damage caused by the sun. One of the best ways to supply shade is to use a large cantilever umbrella. These umbrellas are easy to rotate and pivot, allowing you to adjust accordingly to ensure that your patio furniture is protected.

Cover Your Patio

Patio covers offer tons of benefits. Not only do they protect your furniture from the sun’s UV rays, but they look great and provide shade for those days where you want to enjoy your patio without scorching. A large canopy or gazebo can double as a stylish decoration and line of defense for your furniture.

Even if you don’t get a full patio-sized cover like a gazebo, you still may choose to get small covers for individual pieces of furniture. Keep in mind that the sun may still be able to send UV rays through these items, so choose carefully!

Storage Solutions

Whenever your outdoor furniture isn’t in use, we recommend storing it in a cool, dry place. This is a particularly effective strategy for sunny, summer days. If you find yourself away for the weekend, make sure to move your furniture to a shed or the garage. Less time in the sun means less damage.


When you buy furniture, you think carefully about its quality – and that means you don’t want furniture that will quickly fade. That’s why we’ve suggested approaches to furniture care that will stop the sun from wrecking your most delicate furniture.

At Patio Comfort, we carry outdoor furniture that is designed to retain its long-lasting quality and look great for many summers ahead. Visit us today to learn how we can transform your patio!

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