How to Give Your Patio a Marvelous Makeover

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your patio, 2021 is the right year to do it. There are plenty of easy and exciting ways to transform your patio into the ultimate living space, from botanical designs to award-winning colour schemes. This list includes the newest, most stylish patio trends that expert designers recommend and homeowners love. There’s never been a better time to give your patio the modern upgrade it deserves.

Try One of These Trendy Patio Designs in 2021

Blend Bright Colours

If you’re used to seeing patio furniture in white or wood-textured, why not try something new? Colours can bring your chairs, tables, rugs, and decorations to life. Consider mixing bold colours with pastels, or finding items with interesting patterns. You might even choose to paint sections of your patio yourself.

Combine the Indoors and Outdoors

Create a patio that combines the indoors and outdoors for the best of both worlds. With the right furniture, your patio will be as comfortable as your living room, with the added benefits of being an outdoor space. Choose furniture and decor that you’d typically find indoors – a sofa, barstools, or even a cozy fireplace. This will turn your patio into the ultimate hangout spot.

Use Furniture Made From Natural Materials

Patios that have a nature-inspired look are great, but why stop there? Choose furniture that is as natural as it looks. As this eco-friendly trend continues to grow, more furniture is being made from plants and recycled materials. With this woodsy style, your patio will not only be environmentally conscious, but will become the ultimate space to relax.

Try Using Raised Garden Beds

Plants are a great addition to any patio, and there are many ways to incorporate them creatively. Raised garden beds make for a particularly stylish inclusion. These are rectangular-shaped wooden frames contain plants and are elevated from the ground. They have solid bottoms, making them perfect for patios. For added individuality, ditch the wood frame for one made of brick, or any material that complements your space’s design.

Use Lots of White

No matter the season or weather, white items complement any patio. This style is simple but effective, and it’s easy to find furniture that fits in with this design. White furniture is also great because it brings out the vivid colours of nature and surroundings. Want to make your white patio more elaborate? Choose one accent colour to complement your white items.

Try a Vintage Style

Trends change over time, but vintage never goes out of style. A vintage patio evokes nostalgia for designs that have aged well. When choosing furnishings, use a colour scheme that blends earth tones and jewel tones for a rustic or gothic feel. Rugs and chairs with intricate designs are also highly recommended for a vintage patio.

Make Your Patio Eco-Friendly

Want to design an outdoor space that’s stylish while eco-friendly? It’s entirely possible.

Consider these tips:

  • Use locally-sourced materials and decorations – these items leave a smaller mark on the environment.
  • Plant your own trees – they’ll give your outdoor space a nature-inspired look while collecting groundwater.
  • Select furniture made from eco-friendly materials – you’ll be surprised how many stunning items are sustainable too.
  • Incorporate a system to collect rainwater – use it to water plants and clean the patio.

Build the Ultimate Cottage-Inspired Patio

Who wouldn’t want to spend the entire year at the cottage? Do the next best thing and incorporate the atmosphere of a cottage into your patio’s design. Look for furniture that evokes a summery sense of escape. Blend comforting decor and outdoorsy textures for the ultimate cottage experience – right in your own backyard.

Make a Balcony Gardens

Balcony gardens are one of the hottest trends in exterior design. There’s no right or wrong way to add flower power to your balcony. Decorate your balcony with long vines, vibrant flowers, or an array of sleek plants. Consider how much sun and wind your space will receive – this will determine how much maintenance you will need to perform on your balcony’s arrangement.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen & Dining Area

If you enjoy eating breakfast while watching the sunrise, or gathering for dinner on the porch, this is the patio style for you. Centre your patio around a dining table, and elaborate from there with chairs and decorations. You can even install kitchen appliances and countertops onto your patio for an all-in-one cooking and dining space.