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Working outside offers a myriad of benefits, not the least of which is a change of scenery. And, the key to a productive outdoor office space starts with comfortable patio furniture.

Because while businesses are starting open back up, it’s entirely likely you’re not jumping back into the rat race of commuting and brown bag lunches. More and more companies are allowing employees to maintain their remote work setup — either entirely or on a partial scale.

While a pants-free work zone may have you jumping for joy, it’s important to give yourself the healthiest working environment possible. And no, that’s not the kitchen table or a small corner of your bedroom closet. Even for those who have a dedicated den, being able to change the scenery can help boost your performance in a wide variety of ways.

The Benefits of Working Outside

Do you want to up your creativity and productivity? According to health experts, spending time outside can help.

Researchers have found that working indoors can cause "nature deficit disorder" -- depression or anxiety resulting from too little time spent outside. Just walking outside can help reduce your stress, lower your blood pressure and improve your immune function.

Furthermore, natural light and fresh air boost your brain’s function — enhancing creativity, making it easier to focus, and supporting productivity.

In a 2012 study, researchers even found that spending time outside can help naturally reduce pain by lowering inflammation levels!

Comfortable Outdoor Office Chairs

Could you roll your classic office chair outside? Sure. But it’ll likely look like an eyesore. And in our humble opinion, that kills the vibe. Instead, look for an outdoor office chair that matches your outdoor space.

The key is to make sure the chair you select gives you plenty of back support. Now is not the time to kick back in an overstuffed sectional. (Save that for your midday break.) Additionally, consider a chair which will welcome a cushion on the seat, as this can give you extra comfort.

How to Create a Productive Outdoor Environment?

A comfortable chair is only part of the equation. In order to successfully work outside for extended periods of time, you need to create a productive environment.


While being outside treats you to natural light, you probably want to save baking in the sun for vacation. Harsh sunlight can make it difficult to read devices. Furthermore, the heat can be hard on said devices, making tools like your computer overheat.

To give yourself the most coverage and flexibility, we recommend a cantilever umbrella. These large umbrellas can tilt and swivel, allowing you to move them as the sun moves so you’re never exposed…unless of course you want to be. 


Take stock of your current office setup. How much space do you typically need to be productive? For most folks, this means room for papers, devices, and something to drink.


Tucking your outdoor office in the far off reaches of a garden might seem like a tranquil location — until your computer runs out of battery and you’re forced back inside. As you select your space, take stock of where you can plug in safely. If the best electrical outlet is too far for a standard charger, an extension cord can help easily make up the difference. 

3 Additional Ways to Maximize Your Outdoor Office

  1. Turn on the Tunes — Nothing says your office playlist can only be enjoyed indoors. If you’re more productive with some background music, turn it on! This can also be a good way to limit distracting noises, like a neighbor’s remodeling project or garbage pickup.
  2. Grill Your Lunch — You’re home. You’re right by your grill. Take advantage of it. Even if it’s just for some grilled veggies, the small extra step can make your meal even more enjoyable.
  3. Outdoor Zoom for the Win — Assuming your outdoor space isn’t too noisy, don’t be afraid to stay right where you are for your zoom meetings. While working from home comes with a lot of benefits, it can make it hard to stay connected with others. Having a Zoom meeting in a space where you’re comfortable can help bridge that gap.